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Ramesh Vishveshwar

Ramesh Vishveshwar

Ramesh Vishveshwar is a tech blogger who is always on the lookout for the next big thing. Having discovered his infatuation for various flavors of Linux, he spends his time tinkering with VPS nodes installing and trying out new applications. His interest in coding spans across multiple languages from PHP, shell scripting to remote old generation languages such as COBOL.

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Watching Out For Your VPS

Introduction We all love our VPS's to be in tip-top shape, ready to respond to requests an...

Get Your Own GIT

Why You Should Setup a GIT Server? Setting up your own Git server is not just to appease y...

MYSQL and Alternatives

Introduction Most web applications store content and process information from a database. ...

Building Your Own Website Monitoring System

Overview Like most of us, I am sure you love to do a lot of tinkering under the hood and t...

It Is Time to Man Up

Introduction With the advent of the internet, all help is just a search away. Whether it i...

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