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Daniel Spritzer
March 09, 2018

Benefits of cPanel Hosting


Since its release in 1996, cPanel remains to be a widely-used, popular hosting control panel. It is a very simple and beneficial Linux based system that is used for web hosting clients and system administrators. Below I will go over key benefits of using cPanel hosting.

Easy Installation and User Friendly

With only a requirement of a Linux system, a minimum of 20GB of available disk space and 512 MB of RAM, cPanel is very easy to install. Once installed, cPanel has a very intuitive graphical interface. Users are able to manage multiple tasks at a time with just a few clicks. Tasks such as site maintenance, regular backups, or even calculating disk space can be done with no effort. The user friendliness of these key features gives smaller businesses the ability to save on expenses and minimize workload for system administrators.

Access to Various Features

cPanel has access to various features that allows users to manage their websites and hosting accounts without any difficulty. From email management and MySQL to anti-virus and anti-fraud protection, the possibilities are endless for a user utilizing cPanel!

Compatibility with Browsers

One major advantage of using cPanel is the compatibility of most web browsers. cPanel is compatible with all of the following:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox

With the use of any of these browsers, on top of the support of third party software add-ons give users limitless options when building a site.

Reliability and Portability

cPanel is very portable and has a very straightforward movability feature, giving users the ability to transfer a website from one hosting company to another without any issues. cPanel also has the ability to detect failed services. Its defense mechanism is to automatically log off and restart the service. cPanal also features DNS cluster which is a group of nameservers that share records, allowing you to physically separate nameservers that handle the DNS requests from your web servers. This interface allows you to configure a DNS cluster and add servers to an existing DNS cluster.

cPanel's various benefits and user friendliness has made it a distinguished and relevant control panel for over 20 years. It is an extremely powerful control panel with advantages that by far outweigh its disadvantages.

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